SBX500 SingleTurn M.C.Y

Max swing diameter 650 mm  
Max turning diameter 550 mm  
Max bar diameter 74/117* mm  
Max diameter of bars with spindle reduction sleeve or with spindle prolongation  66/103* mm
Max weight of workpiece in centers 1000 kg
Max weight of overhung workpiece 372 kg

*valid for optional execution


High productivity turning center of a rigid design suitable for medium to large production of simple as well as complex geometrical shapes. Machine execution with Y-axis and live tools allows machinig of complex shape workpieces on a single machine which significantly reduces production time and increases workpiece accuracy.

Machine seriously contributes to increased productivity while decreases investment costs. 

Main characteristic features

  • Modular conception allows configuring the machine for wide range of technologies and materials
  • Y axis with saddle wedge contributes to increased stability of cutting process
  • Fast turret with 12 live tools size VDI 40
  • C-axis with independent servomotor for achieving precise and stabile work piece position during cutting forces loading
  • Linear roller guide ways with bearing capacity dimensioned for hard roughing but also precision of finishing operations
  • Increased spindle bores extend the machining possibilities for wider assortment of work pieces
  • Integrated control panel improves machine control ergonomics for operator
  • Programming in 3D through cycles
  • Technology of servo drives with electric energy saving
  • Option of industrial robot integration for manipulation of raw material and work pieces
  • Coolant aggregate with pressure from 0.7 MPa (7 bar) up to 2.0 MPa (20 bar)


Carriages and drives  
Operating feed mm.min -1 1÷10000
Rapid traverse of cross-slide mm.min -1 24 000
Operating stroke mm 300
Operating feed of Y-axis mm.min -1 1÷10000 
Rapid traverse of Y-axis mm.min -1 24 000
Operating stroke of Y-axis mm  +/-60 
C-axis with separate servo motor (heavy duty)
Continuous control ° 0-360 po 0,001
Max. spindle speed min -1 50/45*
Torque S1 Nm 337/380*
Operating feed of longitudinal slide mm.min -1 1÷10000
Rapid traverse of longitudinal slide mm.min -1 30 000
Operating stroke mm 905/1655*
Tool post systems
12-position axial turret with live tool positions
Number of positions 12
Number of driven tool positions 12
Tool shank diameter (according to DIN 69880) mm 40
Coupling 20x0,8, DIN 5480
Max. tool cross-section mm 25x25
Driven tools motor output kW 10
Max. torque Nm 63
Max. RPM min -1 4 000

Characteristic features

Productive turning centers of a rigid construction with slant bed designed for high precision and productive machining in challenging conditions of multi-shift operation.

  • Variable building kit based on monolithic slant bed of cast iron – high rigidity and accuracy of the machine
  • Quality components from renowned producers – long lifetime and long reliability while preserving repeatable accuracy of the machine
  • Production of strategic components in own premises with continuous checking and accuracy evaluation at 3D measuring devices
  • X-axis measuring by linear scale as a standard – increased machining accuracy
  • Grease lubrication – lowering the environmental impact
  • No-attendance automated mode with feeders and part catchers – lowering production costs

  Main advantages

  • High precision and productive machining of simple as well as complex shape workpieces
  • Steady cutting process with high repeatable accuracy of machining
  • Remote diagnostics and data management
  • Modular concept of the machine allows configuration tailored to the technological needs of production
  • Variety of turrets with VDI couplings with live tool drive 
  • Wide scope of executions and accessories – clamping devices, bar feeders, part catchers, tool probes, automatic door opening, vapour exhaust system
  • Newest technologies in the field of drives bring savings in electric energy