SBL300 SingleTurn M.C

Max swing diameter 530 mm  
Max turning diameter 260 mm  
Length of turning in chuck and tailstock 500 mm  
Max diameter of bars​  42*/51/74* mm
Max weight of workpiece in centers 200 kg
Max weight of overhung workpiece 80 kg

*valid for optional execution


Machine designed for medium to large-series production for machining simple as well as complex shape workpieces.  

This machine signifi cantly contributes to increased productivity while considerably decreases investment costs.

 Main characteristic features:

  • Modular concept of the machine allows confi guration tailored to the customer´s individual requirements.
  • Execution with electrospindles
  • 12 position turret with VDI 30 couplings with live tools 
  • C-axes with independent servomotors for achieving precise and stabile work piece position during cutting forces loading
  • Remote diagnostics and data management
  • Wide range of executions and accessories –  hydraulic clamping with chucks or collets, bar feeders, tool probes, parts catchers, automatic door opening, work area vapour exhaust


C-axis with separate servo motor (heavy duty)    
Continuous control ° 0-360 po 0,001
Max. spindle speed for A2-5*/A2-6/A2-8* min -1 40/36*/32*
Torque S1 for A2-5*/A2-6/A2-8* mm 410/450*/500*


Tool post systems
12-position axial turret with live tool positions
Number of positions   12
Number of driven tool positions   12
Tool shank diameter (according to DIN 69880) mm 30
Coupling   B 15x12, DIN 5482
Max. tool cross-section mm 20x16
Driven tools motor output kW 4,5
Max. torque Nm 17
Max. RPM min -1 3000

Characteristic features

Productive turning centers of a rigid construction with slant bed designed for high precision and productive machining in challenging conditions of multi-shift operation.

  • Variable building kit based on monolithic slant bed of cast iron – high rigidity and accuracy of the machine
  • Quality components from renowned producers – long lifetime and long reliability while preserving repeatable accuracy of the machine
  • Production of strategic components in own premises with continuous checking and accuracy evaluation at 3D measuring devices
  • X-axis measuring by linear scale as a standard – increased machining accuracy
  • Grease lubrication – lowering the environmental impact
  • No-attendance automated mode with feeders and part catchers – lowering production costs

Main advantages

  • High precision and productive machining of simple as well as complex shape workpieces
  • Steady cutting process with high repeatable accuracy of machining
  • Remote diagnostics and data management
  • Modular concept of the machine allows configuration tailored to the technological needs of production
  • Variety of turrets with VDI couplings with live tool drive 
  • Wide scope of executions and accessories – clamping devices, bar feeders, part catchers, tool probes, automatic door opening, vapour exhaust system
  • Newest technologies in the field of drives bring savings in electric energy