Quality policy

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Management TRENS SK, a.s. created quality policy harmonized with vision and strategy of Top Management concerning the future of the company.
The aim is to ensure longtime, successful and complex development of the company within full range of business activities. We are aware that this aim can only be reached by full satisfying of customers’ requirements, systematic care and quality of products as well as quality of all processes and activities participating in realization of our products.

Aims are being reached by following principles:

  • By realization of our activities we follow known requirements of customers and business partners with aim to act in accordance with customers’ expectations.
  • Taking care of quality and responsibility for product quality is considered as a basic duty of management and all the employees.
  • We support continuous improvement which is necessary for increasing the competitiveness of the company.
  • Integral part of the work is open communication and team work support.
  • We strive that our employees could work in a good working environment and perform their tasks in compliance with latest work safety requirements.     

Protection and creation of environment, creation of safe and healthy working environment for own employees and their sustaining improvement including pollution prevention belong to the biggest longtime priorities of the company.
Top management is aware of seriousness of the environmental impact and social responsibility for continuous life improvement for present and future generations. 
Top management TRENS SK, a.s. bounds itself to fulfill these goals:

  • Meet requirements of current environmental laws of Slovakia and EU as well as other internal documents of joint stock company in the field of environment.
  • To observe and lower impacts of its activities on the environment by constant improvement of used technologies.
  • To provide employees with education and training on environmental issues and impacts of their activities on environment in order to increase their environmental awareness.
  • Effectively consider environmental aspects in raw material, energies and service purchases and in introducing new processes and technologies.
  • Objectively and precisely inform employees, public, state administration about achieved results and further intentions and cooperate with them in environmental protection.
  • To create necessary material, financial and human resources for ensuring the functionality of the environmental management of TRENS SK, a.s..

Quality Policy is evaluated annually at the time of Business Plan preparation for actual year and becomes valid at the date of its signing.