Company history since 1937

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  • 2011 - TRENS SK, Joint Stock Company
  • 1998 - TRENS, Joint Stock Company
  • 1992 - TOS Trenčín,  Joint Stock Company
  • 1963 - TOS Trenčín, National Enterprise
  • 1962 - Machine Tools Production – main production program Own research & development department
  • 1951 - Beginning of machine tools (lathes) and special equipment production
  • 1946 - OMNIA – Engineering and automotive production. Production of agricultural and food-processing machines
  • 1937 - Establishment of the factory (company WALTER) - aircraft engines production







History of the company dates back to 1937, when Czech company WALTER decided to move production of aircraft engines to Slovakia. In the following decades the production program as well as use of factory buildings have changed from warehouses to overhauling works, production of agricultural and food industry machines and appliances to production of military equipment and machine tools. Milestone in the corporate history were the years 1951-1952, when the production of universal center lathes began. Since that time the company has been focusing only on the production of machine tools. Significant growth of machine tools production was recorded in 1962 when the own Research & Development department for machine tools was established. Legal form of state ownership has changed several times up to independent state factory in 1989-1992.

In 1963-1998 the company operated under the brand name TOS Trenčín. In April 1998 the change of the brand name to TRENS, a. s. was approved. Even though TRENS had to give up using the brand „TOS“, tradition of high quality of machine tools, their technical excellence and long lifetime remain the main priority of the company.

Since 2011 the company acts under the changed brand name TRENS SK, Joint Stock Company​


TRENS 1937 - until present
From today´s perspective it sounds almost unbelievable that roots of our  company date back to the days before the Second World War… 

Let us bring you to a brief overview of our history.

In 1937 the Czech company WALTER dislocated production of aircraft engines to Trenčín Kubrá. Original intentions were interrupted by the second world war. Later on the factory was run by Skoda, factory OMNIA–Engineering works and car mechanics, which produced simple agricultural devices, filling automats, kitchen robots… At the time the factory had about 300 employees. In January 1951 the company OMNIA, National enterprise, became a part of the Engineering National Enterprise Dubnica nad Váhom. The restructuring of the factory brought change in the product portfolio with the focus on the production of center lathes and on a special technology for military purposes.
 Two years later the factory became independent under the name STROJÁRNE 9. MAY, and for once more it became a part of the Dubnica factory, Engineering and  metallurgy works, in 1958. Another important year in the company´s life was 1963 when it got independent under the name TOS Trenčín. In the upcoming years factories in Galanta, Spišská Nová Ves and a shop in Horné Srnie became part of TOS Trenčín. At the time the TOS was a part of the TST, Prague trust and after 1980 even the name changes to Továrne strojárskej techniky, factory TOS Trenčín. In the 1986 company had 4.764 employees. The factory remained the part of the TST until the Velvet revolution in the 1989. In the same year company got its independence and returned back to its name TOS Trenčín as a state owned company.
In the 1992 the company got privatized and changed into joint stock company. Another important milestone occurred in 1998 when the company changed owners followed by the name change to TRENS Trenčín. Since 2012 the company name got affix SK and the present name is TRENS SK, a.s..

The production of lathes was founded in the 1951 aside of special technology. The first machines were SUR 260-400. In the 1957 the company took over the production of the universal center lathe SV 18 R from TOS Kuřim. The important milestone for future development was year 1961 since then the company has its own machine tool research and development. Upcoming versions of the SV18R (SV18RA, SV18RB, SV18RD) were designed already in TOS Trenčín. In the same year the design concept of the lathes SN40 and SN71 was brought from TOS Čelákovice. These two models broaden the production portfolio and their following versions remained in the production up to these days. In the 1967 the type SUI was introduced. Even today you can find model SUI80 in our production portfolio

Later on we have designed and produced small lathes, turret lathes, semi-automatic facing lathes, semi-automatic copying lathes, single purpose machines, portal loaders, machining centers and CNC lathes.
In the 1994-1995 the company began to design and to produce the prototype of a new range of universal center lathes under the work name UNIS. Today the range is represented in our product portfolio by machines SN500 a SN710.   
New history in CNC lathes began in 1997 by preparation of the projuct under the name SBL 500 CNC. It was a first sland bed lathe. In the range of CNC machines SBL 300, SBE 300, SBX 500, SE 320, SE 520, SE 820 a SE 1020 were introduced. The SE520 SL was introduced in 2017. We have our own product designed for end users, we have our own research and development. Only a few Slovak companies can prove this these days. Throughout its existence TRENS SK went through very positive as well as less positive times.

The fact that we are still here “even at the  retirement age” is a combination of several factors. Finding own ways, non-standard solutions, good decisions and assumptions, favorable situation on the market, the necessary dose of luck and for sure employees in the company. If we would want to name a typical characteristic which goes through our  existence, it would be three words: TRADITION - SKILLS – QUALITY, or in simple words PEOPLE. 
Employees are our greatest wealth and pride. At least a few of the names which are indivisible part of the TRENS SK history - Mr. Wichterle, Mr. Dobiáš, Mr. Šišovský, Mr. Mička, Mr. Filípek, Mr. Margetinec, Mr. Pástor, Mr. Gajdušek, ...
Big thanks goes to all which took their part in the history of the company TRENS SK, to all those several thousand people that worked, work, or will work here in the coming years.