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Team of qualified and experienced service workers of TRENS SK performs complex services throughout the entire lifetime of the lathes. 

It provides a flexible solution to the requests of:

  • answers to your questions sent by mail, fax or e-mail
  • ​​phone support in working days from 08:00AM to 03:30PM Central European Time  +421 908 707 820 (after 03.30PM it is possible to leave a message in answering machine based on which you will be contacted back by responsible employee next working day)

  • service intervention through internet connection (remote diagnostics) in working days from 08:00AM to 03:30PM

Professional approach of TRENS service workers, their expertise and experience are a guarantee of meeting customer requirements in technical, technological and service area.
Service of Lathes
The list of serviced lathes:
SN40, SN32, SN50, SN71, SN500, SN710, SUI80,
SE320, SE520, SE820, SE1020,
SBE300, SBL300, SBL500, SBL700, SBX500

Lathe service includes the following activities:

  • Installation of lathes and specialized operators training, programming of control systems FANUC, SIEMENS, HEIDENHAIN
  • Warranty and out-of-warranty service of TRENS-made lathes
  • Troubleshooting the machine

Preventive inspection of lathes
Preventive inspections check the functionality of all parts, mechanical clearance, spindle, lubrication, cooling, guiding machine axes and electrical parts of the machine, measuring machine geometry.

Benefit of preventive inspection for customer:

  • saving machine maintenance costs
  • fewer breakdowns and unforeseen repairs and outages
  • possibility to choose periodicity (half-yearly, yearly)

Repairs of lathes according to customer requirements:​
TRENS SK offers the following services for lathe repairs:

  • Complex dismantling of the machine into subgroups
  • Diagnostics and definition of machine repair
  • Repair of damaged parts
  • Sharpening of beds, sleds, supports, spindle and new quill
  • Scratch individual subgroups into geometric positions according to the accuracy protocol
  • Replacement of damaged and worn parts (bearings, gears, screws, nuts, couplings)
  • Partial or complete replacement of electrical parts of the machine
  • Surface treatment (new coating)
  • Issuance of the machine electrical wiring review report
  • Issue of machine accuracy report
  • Setting up and demonstrating the machine at the customer

We guarantee:​

  • Production and use of original parts
  • Professional diagnostics for disassembly and assembly of individual parts
  • Performing the running-in of spindle bearings according to the manufacturer's recommendation
  • Measurement of positioning accuracy of individual axes by laser interferometer followed by software correction
  • In Slovakia we are a leader in the ability to grind guide surfaces with high precision
  • As a manufacturer we own and have access to all the technology needed to repair the machine, so we can handle any unexpected requirements or situations during the repair

Overhauled machines are cost effective alternative as they keep their castings while guarantee technical parameters of a new machine.

We perform overhauls of following machines:
SN32, SN50, SN71, SN500, SN710, SUI80, SE320, SE520, SE820, SE1020, SBE300, SBL300, SBL500, SBX500, SBL700
Medium repairs
Repairs of broken machine components, geometry setting, repairs after machine crash, bearings exchange, bolts and nuts – everything what is necessary for correct machine operation.

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