Machine financing



Why finance machines with us through SGEF?

  • Provision of financing lasting from 3 to 6 years (up to 9 years in some fields).
  • Facilitating the use of EIB and CEB subsidy programs with a lower interest rate, undemanding administration and without additional background materials for approval.
  • SGEF financial products meet the conditions necessary for the use of EU subsidy programs.
  • Thanks to the foreign representation, a connection to the pan-European market is available.
  • Ensuring attractive insurance conditions, a wide range of insurance coverage and various forms of supplementary insurance.

Financing of more than a thousand machine tools, polygraphic and printing machines and other production equipment.
Rich experience not only with financial products, but also orientation in modern industrial production trends.

Therefore, do not hesitate to request a non-binding offer or consultation. Click on "online application" or use the telephone contact: +421 918 475 827

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